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About Me

Hi, I'm Emanuele. I love mobile app development. for some years I have seriously started to specialize on new technologies to follow specialization courses online and in the classroom to stay updated on the latest news in the sector to keep up with the times. I am in love with researching and building something. I am also in love with aesthetic things. So, I'm trying to be good at design too. I am particularly interested in nature, especially music. I like to be productive and creative. I am looking for new tools every day. You can call me a product hunter. Hope we can create good things together.



Little Dino

He's finally back from prehistoric times sporting his tail and sharp teeth! Dino the ruthless predator, engaged in an extreme but at the same time fun race. And you? Would you be able to keep it alive for a long time?


The oracle of the Cosmos has the main one to communicate the messages that the Universe has for us! The Universe does not want to leave us alone wandering in the labyrinth of love, lost and without a direction.


game in 3D make sure not to drop the balls in the longest possible time from the platform and collect the gems to increase the score in order to overcome the highest score ever!

Santa Claus runner

And Santa has little chance of delivering gifts on time without his reindeer. But thanks to your help, everything is possible! Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure

Penguin Mario

We are in the world of penguins a place called "Pinguinaider., Tatiana wife of the Penguin Mario, is kidnapped with her children by the evil SkyForest. You just have to arm yourself with your courage and face multiple enemies.


Sbullit Action is a unique project of its kind that sees artists, sportsmen, organizations, entrepreneurs, associations and foundations engaged in the social sector, all united in the intent to offer young people a future

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