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Privacy in Online Portfolio

What is Online Privacy?

Having to protect yourself from cybercriminals is a must in today’s world. To maintain healthy browsing and user experience, we should understand digital privacy, also called online privacy, which is in its basic definition how much of your data is being tracked and kept. This data can include your financial information besides your personal or browsing history, gathered through many ways as well as cookies.

What are Cookies?

What Are Cookies?

Whenever you’re browsing, every site you enter has to ask you if you accept their cookies. The main aim of cookies is to help you browse the internet without having to give the same information for every link/page you take a look in. Without the cookies, for example, it would be bothersome to enter your card details for every item you’re trying to buy with online shopping. Tracking cookies like these help the sites to give you suggestions about what else you might like. Another way that cookies might help us is session management when they save the login information for different sites. Some people find it intrusive but for some, it is useful and could be used securely. When used for personalization, cookies can help the sites give you advertising based on your browsing history.

However, it is important to point out that some cookies collect some personal and even sensitive information about you and if this type of information reaches criminals, they can be used against you. First-party cookies are mostly safe and they collect your data and use it only for the authentication of your preferences for the next time you’re on that site. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, is when your information is shared with others and usually used for advertisement. If the user sees five ads on a site, they might have activated 5 cookies even if they don’t click on them. Lots of companies, including Google, Amazon or Facebook has gained lots through advertisement with the help of cookies.

Personal and Sensitive Data Security

Personal information can be limited to basic attributes of you, which are your name, address, IP address, whereas sensitive information is broader and digs more into your details such as information you do not want to share publicly, your medical records, political views and more. When these types of data and their security are breached it can affect you directly, too.

In some cases, companies might affect your security as well as your privacy. Some types of data, such as your financial information or your home address, can breach your security besides privacy when shared with third parties.

Online Privacy is Important

Why is Online Privacy Important?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, implemented in 2018, it is a human right to be forgotten and to keep your sensitive data to yourself. The regulation has stated many important points of the rights of a human being and how every website has to obey it to keep everything legal. Some of them include:

This regulation protects the users against cybercrimes including identity theft and online fraud. But how important it is to keep your portfolio safe and why?

Privacy for Online Portfolio

Privacy for Online Portfolio

A portfolio is a compilation of the data you choose to share with the business world. The important thing to focus on here is that you choose, you are the one in control of the personal and sensitive data. When you give consent to all the cookies on a website you are allowing your sensitive or personal data that you may choose not to share to be collected, which can result in situations that you may not wish for if shared with third parties.

It is even more important for portfolio sites to provide this security for you and only use the necessary cookies to run the site (as we’ve explained before). Now, your choice of keeping some of the sensitive or personal information to yourself can be breached but thankfully, Super Portfolio only uses the necessary cookies. No cookies related to third parties, no preloading, no embedded links to platforms like Youtube or Vimeo - as these websites are tracking users with the embedded videos.

The fact that this site uses Simple Analytics is a way to provide the users with a more secure and ethics-focused browsing experience. The services we use do not do any unnecessary tracking, we choose to respect our users and their privacy. To join this privacy-friendly online portfolio experience you can sign up here.

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