Why You Need an Online Portfolio as a Developer

What is an online portfolio?

A portfolio is a showcase of the accomplishments and the projects of a person which are being displayed together.

Whether we want to rise above other candidates when applying for jobs, get better at presenting ourselves to a better potential career or turn our coding hobby into a freelance business, we need a portfolio. Essentially, everyone who has reached a certain acclaimed level of their career had been working on building up a portfolio to present themselves.

All types of developers can benefit from it

Now if we are talking about a senior developer or programmer, who has spent years of their lives working on many different projects to show their capabilities of the work they’re doing, what they have done is creating a portfolio page where they could prove that they are qualified and accomplished. Having extensive experience in tech fields show that you are ready to be hired for a job or a specific project.

However, if you are a software developer who is just starting, finding where the road takes you and expand your skills as you grow with the experiences you are gathering from every project you give your attention to, you need a portfolio to show what you are suited to and it is crucial for giving a headstart in this career. After all, regardless of how much time or energy you’ve spent on a project or the achievements you’ve gathered, you need to be able to prove that you can actually code.

Why do you need an online portfolio?

But why do you need proof where now you already have a college degree? If I were to tell you that this person I know can, in fact, go up on a tall building and fly themselves over from one building to the other, what would you tell me? Besides thinking I might be a bit crazy, you would want proof, demand me to show the skills of this mentioned person. You would say “Show me how they can do that and I would be more than happy to believe you.” Now I cannot tell you “Well, I told you that they can do it, you’ll have to just believe me,” because it isn’t that trustable, we need a stable and strong way to prove that this talent is real.

Yes, you might have a college degree in the related fields whether it is computer science, mathematics, information technology or engineering, but a piece of paper which we call a diploma today might mean nothing if you cannot prove that the courses you’ve taken or the experience you’ve gathered in the course or the personal projects that you’ve worked on is enough for you to be hired. You need solid proofs and that’s where the importance of building (and from time to time updating accordingly with whatever you’re trying to pursue as your aims and goals could change) a portfolio. Even the unimportant-looking courses you’ve taken could be meaningful when you choose to include them in your extensive and self-explanatory portfolio. It is about how you explain yourself, not what you have to explain.

It is for everyone

The portfolio will tell your potential clients that companies looking to hire a talented developer like yourself that your journey as a software developer has worth every second you’ve spent on it. To say you have taken this and that course is nowhere near to proving that you are efficient in today’s world where it is now getting simpler and simpler to get good grades in college. Even if you are still in college, you do not need to be hired to start building your portfolio, which is one of the greatest aspects of having one. You can start today, right now. Since you aren’t employed you can build your portfolio faster with the amount of free time you’d have when compared to the next years in your life where you will be fully booked with work. To show that you are interested in this career as a developer or programmer, which will be quite charming for your job interviews, you need to be able to say “This is my work,” and to show all your projects in one place will double the effect of them shown separately.

Let us help you!

Writing out and building a portfolio website in order to display your showcases of the work that you have accomplished sounds a bit complicated at first but has tips and tricks that you can benefit from which we have explained here. In Super Portfolio we can help you build the most efficient portfolio you need to be tailored accordingly to the goals you’ve set for yourself. For more information and signing up, check out our home page.

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